Can I use Mind the Graph for free?

Yes, for as long as you want. Mind the Graph is freemium and we don't request any credit card information upon registration.

However, keep in mind that the Beginner plan is made for getting to know the platform, informal communication with your peers and/or educational environments.

As a free user, you must keep Mind the Graph's watermark in all cases and cite the platform in case o formal communication, publications, lectures and presentations. In scientific papers, we suggest to cite the platform in the figure legend and/or acknowledgments section.

If you ever need an upgrade, all paid plans provide more figures, no watermark and Creative Commons licences for your creations. Click here for pricing and subscription types.

One important upside of the subscription is that you will also be able to request on demand illustrations. This is a great addition to all the content you already find in the platform.


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