What is an online subscription?

Mind the Graph is an online platform with a monthly/annual recurring membership process like other online platforms. 

You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and select the montlhy or annual payment that will renew automatically. 

If you do not want to renewal your subscription you must cancel it. The cancellation process is easy and updating the payment details is an user responsibility.

We will notify you by email 30 days before the renewal of your annual subscription.

If you cancel, you will not lose your creations. You'll continue to have access to researcher features until your paid subscription period ends and, after that, your profile will be updated to the trial version. As a trial user, you'll lose access to the creations, but they will remain there to be re-stored if you decide to become a subscriber again, with a different credit card or paypal account.

To see advantages of being a subscriber click here.



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