Can I use Mind the Graph illustrations in my publications?

Yes, absolutely! you can use the figures created in Mind the Graph in any way you want.

The illustrations are offered under a creative commons license.

Holding the autorship rights of the submitted figures is essential for serious authors and Mind the Graph license complies to both scientists' and publishers' needs.

Considering the terms of the license, free users must keep the watermark in the downloaded figures. If you prefer to use watermark-free images, you can subscribe to Mind the Graph for only 5 USD/month and have access to full library of images and create unlimited figures.
From our Terms of Use:
The content stored in and created with are available under a free culture Creative Commons license. This means that we allow you to publicly present the infographics created with the MindtheGraph editor and use the bitmaps available in the website, provided that MindtheGraph is cited in text and it's logo image. Modifications on prior work may also be performed, if you agree to also share the modified work. By using the website, you also allow other MindtheGraph users to use your images and create upon them, under the same terms. This is known in the CC community as "attribution share-alike 4.0 licensing".
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