What are the benefits of a subscription?

We have four plans available on Mind the Graph. The first one is the free (trial plan). We recommend you to use the free plan to your first experience with our platform. But you can be a free user as long as you want.  We don't request any credit card information upon registration.

However keep in mind that the free plan has limited features. So to have a complete experience and enjoy our premium features you should choose the best plan for you. 

Features available only for subscribers:

01. Request new illustrations

Mind the Graph is the world's largest scientifically accurate illustrations gallery. However, sometimes you need a specific illustrations that you can’t find anywhere, not even in mind the graph. If that happen, don’t worry! We do ‘on demand’ illustrations at no extra cost for subscribers. Normally the illustrations are created in one week.

The number of illustrations you can request depends on the plan you choose:

Junior Plan: can request up to 1 new illustration per month

Senior Plan: can request up to 5 new illustration per month

Team Plan: can request up to 50 new illustration per month

If you request more than your plan allows you we will make partial deliveries. But you also can upgrade you plan to receive all them asap.

To see how it compares with the free users benefits, click here.

02. Start from templates

Sometimes it’s hard to create beautiful and accurate visual abstracts even with attractive illustrations. That's why subscribers don’t need to start from a blank canvas. We provide many editable templates for you. We can see our templates here

Junior Plan and Senior Plan: can start from any template available 

Team Plan: can start from any template available and also have access to a free Personalized template built for your brand;

03. Edit multiple creations at the same time

As a free user you can keep just one editable creation at the time. To create a new one you need to delete the previous one. To have more creations you must subscriber.

Junior Plan: can keep up to 2 editable creations

Senior Plan and Team Plan:: can keep unlimited creations

04. Use an unlimited number of figures

Trial users can see all our illustrations (more than 8000) but they can put only up to 4 illustrations on canvas. To create complex figures as a metabolic pathway and and use more illustrations you will need to subscribe. 

Junior Plan: can use up to 10 illustrations 

Senior Plan and Team Plan:: can use unlimited illustrations

05. Create presentations

Subscribers can create presentations with an unlimited number of slides and present them directly from the platform or download it in pdf format. Perfect for scientific conference presentations.

06. Copyright and publishing permissions

Free users are allowed to publicly present infographics created with the Mind the Graph's platform and use the illustrations available in the website. However, Mind the Graph must be cited and the use of the watermark is mandatory.

The paid plans don't require the use of Mind the Graph's watermark. Premium subscribers are entitled full rights to their creations and are recognized as authors, keeping its rights and ability to transfer authorial rights to third-party publishers without previous consult to Mind the Graph. So, if you're a paid user, you don't need to atribute credits to Mind the Graph (but we'll be happy if you do!).

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