Update Benefits and Price January 28, 2016

The benefits of the free users and subscribers was updated as of 28/01/16.


1) Benefits update

The main change is that subscribers no longer have the limitation of keeping just 10 editable figures (now it's unlimited) and have a complete history of figures created.

Free users will be able to keep only one editable figure, as before, but also use up to 10 illustrations from the proprietary library in this figure.

The benefits will be configured as in the following table:


2) Price update

The subscription will be 5 USD/month in the annual subscription (total of 60 USD), or 9 USD/month in the monthly subscription. This is equivalent to a discount of 45%.

Subscribers will be able to renew after the end of the period (one year or one month) and keep using the platform with equal or equivalent benefits.

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